Scientists Have Developed an Internet Lie Detector

Whether a person is lying or not can be determined with an accuracy of 85-100%.

Experts from Florida under the guidance of Professor Ho Shuyan created the world’s first virtual lie detector. The developers assure, to expose the lies during a conversation, he will be able with a probability of 85-100%, according to Wired. And the device will track the lie analyzing the manner of a person to conduct a conversation, informs US.Media.

The developers have invented their own unique algorithm using an online game in which one person plays the role of a “Saint” and the other – “sinner”. One lies and the other tells only the truth. During the game, they correspond, and the algorithm developed on the basis of machine learning analyzes the patterns of word selection and the General course of the conversation.

The study showed that “sinners” and “saints” use completely different sets of words and type them at different speeds. Scientists are convinced that such a digital lie detector will be a good helper for users if they want to see through their Internet interlocutor.

“This fundamental study showed that we have great potential to develop online printing systems to improve communication in the network. I want to draw the attention of the whole world to this idea, so that we can turn it into a commercial product that can be implemented even in messengers,” says the project Manager.

When the world will see the unique technology, it is not yet known, but the developers hint at the near future.

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